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                Copyright 2012 Design by RGA
The powerful and craftly black bear, with is sheen sense of smell will excite
even the most stalwart of hunters as he approaches your bait. Having operated
for many years, we have the knowledge and experience to make your bear
hunt a thrill of a lifetime!
                Copyright 2012 Design by RGA
Bear Hunting
Our bear hunts runs from Saturday through Friday. When
you arrive on Saturday afternoon, you will check in, relax,
get your license, you must bring with you a hunting
license from your home state, as proof of hunting

On our first day we take you out and show you your
bait and where to set up your tree stand. These locations
are geared to the bear's approach paths and prevailing wind.
Our locations are baited with our own baits and scents from
early spring to make a traditional food site for the bear.

You will place your tree stand 10 to 15 feet high and your shooting range will be between 12 to 20 yards. After
being shown your bait and how to rebait, you will be ready to start your hunt. We will supply you with a full bait
bucket every day to replenish your bait because we believe that the bear will get used to our scent at the bait
site more quickly. This will give you a much needed advantage on this cagey animal.